WordPress Site Maintenance

We’ve designed your site to be as low maintenance as possible by automating many of the housekeeping tasks (see section below). The following is a periodic maintenance checklist (frequency depends on how active your site is) for some of the tasks:

WordPress Site Maintenance Checklist

New Posts and Pages

Keep the site fresh and updated by periodically creating new content to draw in visitors and to keep your customers engaged.


Respond or delete users comments (new ones will be marked by a counter next to ).

Automated Tasks

WordPress Site Backup

Daily backup will be taken automatically by UpdraftPlus. Access this through Settings .

Plugin Updates

Plugins are updated automatically through the use of Automatic Plugin Updates. The admin will be emailed after an auto update is done. To disable auto update for specific plugins, click on Settings .


UptimeRobot will send an email alert if your site goes down so you are aware and can investigate the root cause.

WordPress Software Update

By default, automatic updates enabled for minor core releases and translation files. Major core release updates are not enabled as they may cause software incompatibility issues.


Loginizer secures your website from Bruteforce attacks. Email notification to admin is sent after max lockouts.